A diverse team of artists dedicated to excellence.

We are a dynamic team of experienced 3D artists, with backgrounds spanning design, architecture and technology disciplines.

Individually passionate about crafting evocative imagery, our collaborative studio culture keeps us striving for excellence on every project.

Seda Camgöz

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Large Arts, Seda’s passion for design drives her to seek out the most compelling representations of every space.

With over fifteen years' experience in the field, Seda has created imagery for projects in Europe, North America, and for many of Australia’s prominent developers and architects. She brings her vast experience to Large Arts’ image making process, while her hands-on approach to composition, styling and post-production ensures every image is delivered with her unique artistry applied.

Seda also utilises her skills on projects that require design thought, including the creation of fitouts and designing bespoke furnishings for use in renders. She has also developed products for Large Arts' clients that have gone on to be manufactured and incorporated into buildings around the world.

Bradley Posselt

Bradley brings passion for uncompromising excellence in client services and process to Large Arts, ensuring consistency in delivery standards and an outstanding experience for clients.

His proactive approach to communications and project management ensures the interface between clients, consultants and the Large Arts’ team is seamless, saving clients time and money.

Maciej Bartman

Maciej is a talented 3D Artist with experience in Europe and Australia. His irresistible passion for pushing the boundaries of modelling, texturing and lighting always leads to distinctive results, especially in his specialisation of vegetation rendering.

Maciej is also an IT guru with his extensive knowledge of hardware and software leading to the development of new production processes. When not working on computers, he can be found riding his bike.

Bunga Matahari

With a background in interior design and visual arts, Bunga infuses renders with her vibrant styling and sharp eye for detail.

Her experience of using visualisation through her interior design career led to her falling in love with image-making and she decided to specialise in this field. She is a talented illustrator, and brings her skills in hand-drawing to bear on her digital creation.

Cihan Bektas

Cihan is an award-winning photographer specializing in aerial and portrait photography. Influenced by design and historical photographic idioms, he creates simple compositions that speak to the imagination. He has been awarded the Moscow Photo Festival Gold Medal and the 2019 Sunstudios / Canon Photography Prize and has been published in The Guardian, Capture Magazine and Australian Photography Magazine.

Cihan’s non-architectural work can be viewed here.

“Large Arts are an absolute pleasure to work with! The process is the smoothest I have ever experienced. I am always shocked with how amazing the renders look straight away, the guys pick up on all details quickly resulting in a much faster process for us.”