LARGE ARTS is a dynamic team of experienced 3D artists. With backgrounds spanning architecture, product design, interior design and research and development, each member of the team brings their unique talents to each project. Unifying the team is a passion for the production of industry leading 3D renders.

Seda Camgoz.jpg

Seda Camgoz - Creative Director

With a background in industrial and interior design and almost a decade of experience in architectural visualisation, Seda has created distinctive imagery for many of Australia's prominent developers and architects. She has worked in both Australia and Europe and consulted for a number of architectural visualisation studios in Australia before founding LARGE ARTS.

She loves competitive cycling, Japan, and widening her creative horizons.


Bradley Posselt - Director

With a background in marketing and business development, Bradley brings a strong understanding of strategy, positioning and administration to LARGE ARTS. Prior to founding the business, he worked in senior management and business development roles in for a number of production studios and agencies in the print, digital and the 3D visualisation space.

He is driven by producing extraordinary results for clients, and lives in hope that one day that he'll use his degree in music composition.

Bradley Posselt