This stunning project by  Fortis Development Group  offers sweeping harbour views and sophisticated spaces in the exclusive Sydney enclave of Double Bay.
 These eleven extraordinary terrace residences developed by  TWT Property Group  in Sydney’s prestigious enclave of Pyrmont form one of the last remaining major parcels of land in this urban oasis.  Rare yellow gold sandstone uncovered during the excavation of the site is incorporated into the design.
 Developed by  Charas Constructions , these sixteen expansive residences in the heart of Rose Bay offer luxury layouts and exceptional amenity.  Care and collaboration was required to realise interior designers  Lawless and Meyerson’s  restrained palette; a subtle approach to finishes creates a sense of elegance and spaciousness throughout.
 Akoya is a bijoux residential tower in North Sydney by boutique developer  9Springs . Situated on the fringe of the bustling Pacific Highway, Akoya is an oasis of calm within a central Sydney precinct.     Rothelowman’s  design frames life in Akoya around rituals - arrivals and departures, the way we start and end each day. The campaign for the project centres around these rituals, specifically at the two times of day lives typically follow domestic routines - morning and evening.
 This set of two unique residences set atop a project in Sandringham, Melbourne are the first of the type of product in the area, offering buyers a spacious light-filled home with views out to the CBD and bay.  Rich finishes, elegant curves, and striking symmetry define these generous homes designed by  Tecture , with floor-to-ceiling glazing and bespoke joinery details combining to create truly luxurious spaces.
 Forming part of  Marcopolo’s  signature collection, Brighton Lane is an oasis of calm situated in the charming leafy streets of East Brighton.  Working with  The Property Agency , renders were developed to complement and enhance the branding of the collection though lighting, colour palettes and infusing each image with a sense of elegance.
 Briq is a luxury project comprising of 14 generous apartments in Caulfield, Melbourne by boutique developer  Project Friday . Designed by  Tecture , the sculptural forms and rich interiors of the project are opulent and timeless, while lush landscapes by  Jack Merlo  create abundant green spaces.    In response to the monochrome palette of finishes, Large Arts developed a style of image that fused the architecture and branding direction to create a harmonious blend of destaurated tones and soft lighting. This uncluttered approach allowed the materials feature, while subtly employed depth of field techniques enhance the sense of spaciousness throughout.
 Situated in South Brisbane, Gallery Residences takes its cues from the Gallery of Modern Art’s (GOMA) form and aesthetic. Architects  Cottee Parker  use the building’s axis as a design touchstone with the building bisected into two distinct sections - Sunset and City - each with their own vista and accompanying interior scheme.  LARGE ARTS worked with renowned agency  Cornwell , to produced a set of external, interior and amenity 3D renderings responding to Cottee Parker’s design aesthetic and Cornwell’s campaign strategy, aimed squarely at the Queensland luxury market.
 Elm Grove is an elegant collection of six townhomes in leafy Mckinnon.   Designed by  Perkins Architects  with interiors by  Tecture , these light-filled living spaces are formed form a warm/neutral palette punctuated by black accents.  Key factors for the marketing renders included visual differentiation from nearby apartment stock through subtle references to staircases and spaciousness. Showcasing connectivity to the outdoors was also and important aspect, as was highlighting the refined aesthetic of the interiors.   Branding/Marketing by  We Are Tom .
 Our second collaboration with  Milieu Property , Large Arts was commissioned to produce a set of renders for Hertford St - five ‘unique homes is discreetly located within Fitzroy’s Golden Triangle’.   With the purpose of combining with a series of evocative watercolour illustrations of the project, the 3D renders were key to showing buyers a concrete representation of the space, while aligning with both the project’s identity and Milieu Property’s overarching brand.
 Habitat Abbotsford by  Tripet  is a place designed for mindful living, designed for local owner-occupiers seeking community-focused, sustainable living.  This approach informed the creation of warm, friendly spaces with lots of greenery and easily recognisable local cues.
  Milieu Property ’s Nth Fitzroy (architecture by  Fieldwork ) was designed with deep empathy for its surroundings. The architecture features ‘a cloak of operable shutters which allow the building to breathe with the rhythms of the day’.  Together with  Studio Hi Ho , a brief was developed to visualise the project through a set of twelve 3D renders that would capture the rhythms of the building and activity of its occupants. The result is a set of images that is deeply aligned with Milieu Property’s commitment to ‘create spaces that enrich the rhythms of daily life, and buildings that respond to their context and are a true reflection of place’.  An interactive comprised of these images can be found here:
 As a part of their competition bid for a proposed 7 star luxury heritage hotel in Sydney’s Sandstone Precinct,  Grimshaw  commissioned Large Arts to produce three images to represent the key elements of the proposal. With very a tight turnaround, the three renders needed to capture the essence of the project’s vision and while allaying concerns about the proposed tower’s relationship with this highly sensitive site and the Circular Quay skyline. In placing the proposed tower in Circular Quay’s skyline (including the proposed AMP Quay Quarter Tower) Large Arts chose to frame the view from a point familiar to any Sydneysider, grounding the image in an experience deeply familiar to local members of the panel. Under the blue Sydney sky, the faceted facade references the sparkling water and reflective tiles of the nearby Opera House - a very Sydney view!
 A selection of 3D renders from other projects.