A boutique urban infill project in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne, 44 Greeves consists of seven unique homes brought to the market by  Outline Projects .  Featuring a semi-permeable mesh screen that floats above the retained heritage facade, Object / Subject Architecture’s design makes the most of the compact site, creating functional light-filled townhouses with Juliet balconies and substantial rooftop decks.
  Project Friday  is dedicated to the creation of highly livable spaces primarily aimed owner-occupiers. Their 'Friday Test' is a measure of how they create “‘real, tangible places to which people will return after work on Friday; places in which they’ll eat, sleep, make love, laugh and play”.     The 3D renders created for 1046 Glenhuntly Rd respond to this ethos of livability, imagining each space at a moment of weekly pleasure; the kitchen on a Sunday morning, the living room on a Friday evening, and the external render evoking arrival at home.
 Situated in South Brisbane, Gallery Residences takes its cues from the Gallery of Modern Art’s (GOMA) form and aesthetic. Architects  Cottee Parker  use the building’s axis as a design touchstone with the building bisected into two distinct sections - Sunset and City - each with their own vista and accompanying interior scheme.  LARGE ARTS worked with renowned agency  Cornwell , to produced a set of external, interior and amenity 3D renderings responding to Cottee Parker’s design aesthetic and Cornwell’s campaign strategy, aimed squarely at the Queensland luxury market.
 A combination of industrial heritage and contemporary design, Glasshouse draws on a historical narrative expressed in a fusion of raw materials and modern luxury.   Designed by  MOS Architects  with interiors by  Studio Tate , LARGE ARTS worked closely with the interior designers to craft and style images that responded to the project’s vision aimed squarely at the targeted buyer demographics of young families and downsizers.
  Our second collaboration with    Milieu Property   , LARGE ARTS was required to produce a set of renders for Hertford St - ‘five unique homes is discreetly located within Fitzroy’s Golden Triangle’. Required to sit alongside a series of watercolour illustrations of the building’s interior spaces, the 3D renders had to communicate what the sketches couldn’t - a concrete, solid representation of the space - while aligning with both the project’s identity and Milieu Property’s overarching brand.
  Habitat Abbotsford by  Tripet  is a place designed for mindful living, targeting local owner occupiers seeking community-focused, sustainable living. The overarching theme of mindfulness informed all images, resulting in balanced and considered visualisation.   
   Milieu Property   ’s Nth Fitzroy (architecture by    Fieldwork   ) was designed with deep empathy for its surroundings. The architecture features ‘a cloak of operable shutters which allow the building to breathe with the rhythms of the day’. Together with    Studio Hi Ho   , a brief was developed to   visualise the project through a set of twelve 3D renders that would capture the rhythms of the building and activity of its occupants.  The result is a set of images that is deeply aligned with Milieu Property’s commitment to ‘  create spaces that enrich the rhythms of daily life, and buildings that respond to their context and are a true reflection of place’.
 LARGE ARTS was commissioned by  Branch Studio Architects  to produce visualisation for their proposal for 2017 NGV Architecture Commission - The Backgrounds Pavilion. The design uses a collection of iconic locally specific references to form a re-imagined part ‘Roy Ground`s House’ part ‘Hills Hoist’ in the 'backyard' of the NGV.   Made of thousands of fabric strips of varying lengths suspended from a supporting structure, the 3D renders capture the visual impression of this subtly layered structure and the multifaceted experience of being present in this extraordinary space.
  Produced with town planning intent following an RFI, these three architectural renders produced for    Wulff Projects    capture the key design elements of the project within the future context of proposed developments in the area.      Keeping in mind the intended audience of local planning officials and the broader local Clifton Hill community, the images needed to give a sense of the positive development potential of the site in question, while highlighting aspects of the design that provide amenity to both future occupants and local residents.
  Situated on one of the highest points of Melbourne’s inner east,    Caydon’s    Ivanhoe Apartments is the first structure to break the skyline of the area.  
  As a part of their competition bid for a proposed 7 star luxury heritage hotel in Sydney’s Sandstone Precinct,    Grimshaw    commissioned LARGE ARTS to produce three images to represent the key elements of the proposal. With very a tight turnaround, the three renders needed to capture the essence of the project’s vision and while allaying concerns about the proposed tower’s relationship with this highly sensitive site and the Circular Quay skyline. In placing the proposed tower in Circular Quay’s skyline (including the proposed AMP Quay Quarter Tower) LARGE ARTS chose to frame the view from a point familiar to any Sydneysider, grounding the image in an experience deeply familiar to local members of the panel. Under the blue Sydney sky, the faceted facade references the sparkling water and reflective tiles of the nearby Opera House - a very Sydney view!